Tools and gadgets

Essential guide to cooking tools, gadgets and kitchen accessories.

A decent set of kitchen utensils will do your cooking good, saving you precious time in the bargain.

Cooking tools, kitchen gadgets and knives

Cooking tools don’t cost the world and a putting together a first-class collection is a sure way to push your cooking skills to the next level. Select the tools most suited to your cooking style and those that would make easier the tasks you don't like to do in the kitchen.

There are many types of tools. Some tools are general purpose, others have very specific uses. For instance, colanders, strainers and bowls are essential kitchen items used for general purposes, but barbecue tongs are usually of a size great to cook on the grill outdoors, but not on the stove.

Knives & cutting tools

Did you realize how often you cut and peel during food preparation? Hard tools can lead to repetitive strain disease along the years. A good knife or peeler take stress off your hands.

There is a large variety of knives, with a type of knife suited to every task: Very sharp chef knives, special boning knives, paring knives, bread knives, or steak knives.

Asian knives are becoming very popular. While knife blocks and knife sets always find favor with the home cook.

Baking tools
Barbecue tools
Colanders & food strainers
Measuring tools & scales
Can or bottle openers
Tools for fruit & vegetables
Peelers, graters or slicers