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There is an up-and-coming trend of making delicious young reds, light-bodied, fruit-forward with low tannins, that definitely benefit from a light chill.
A bottle filling two wine glasses with red wine.
Tailgate food is a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of many Americans. For tailgate parties, people bring their favorite foods to share with friends and family.

The ultimate list of healthy chicken family dinner ideas

A grilled chicken with herb butter fresh from the oven.
World food and wine site was born from the interest in food and wine as part of the culture.
See what the world has to offer and tell about your favorite foods or wines and see what other guest have said.
White and red wine with a selection of food.
What will you find in your food cupboard today? Be sure to stock the items recommended for a basic pantry and you will be able to prepare a great variety of international meals at short notice.
Oceania adds something different to food. Find exciting recipes and ideas from down under. With a mixture of Western and Asian cooking techniques and exciting local ingredients, you will certainly taste the difference.
Wherever you go, food is a huge part of the experience. If you should go on a trip to New Zealand, you would not be disappointed, as the food is incredible.
Food and wine go well together. The right food enhances the flavors in the wine and wine is the perfect complement for food.
White and red wine with a selection of food.