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Discovering Austria thorugh a journey into the heart of Austrian food culture and cuisine.
The European is not the oldest culture in the world, nor has Europe probably been the place where men cooked their food for the first time. But Europe’s innate curiosity, adventurous spirit, and ability to assimilate other ingredients have made European cuisines tremendously diverse and very sophisticated.
Canadian cuisine is a mosaic of influences, blending indigenous traditions, European roots, and the myriad flavors of immigrant cultures that have found a home in this northern nation.
Canadian meat salad
With many interesting ingredients and the best of Old World cuisine incorporated to the local ways, no wonder food in America is mouthwatering. Have you discovered tacos, soul food or Alaskan salmon? Be adventurous and try.
A dinner of salmon with seeded mustard and vegetables on a plate.
When most people think of Mexican cuisine they don't picture beverages to go with it. But in all cultures, the drink paired with the food is an important part of the entire experience. Imagine having a fine red snapper prepared Mexican style for dinner, then washing it down with orange juice or milk. Healthy, but somehow it just doesn't fit.
Some Mexican dishes are high in fat and calories, nevertheless, there are other Mexican recipes and preparation methods that are healthy - no doubt about it: discover which ones.
A Mexican tostada, tostada mexicana.
The acai berry is probably one of the most highly disputed fruits of the current day. Let's take a deeper dive into this amazing little fruit and find out exactly where it came from, some possible health benefits, and a few ways to incorporate this fruit into your diet.
Acai berries.

Although juicing requires equipment and large volumes of pricey fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, there are sensible things that you can do to save time and money.

Idesa and recipes for picnic food, wether you prefer sweet or savory.
Detail of a picnic hamper with all the items.