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W food, cooking and eating terms.
Thanksgiving in the U.S. is just as diverse as the people that call this country home. Traditionally we think of a turkey as the main course, granted many people that celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. do indeed have a turkey as the center piece, some have ham in its place.
Wine is nothing more than fermented grape juice. Ohter fruits can be used but grapes make the best wines and most wines produced started in the grapevine.
Only a few varieties of wines actually get significantly better with age. Only about 10% of red wines and 5% of white wines taste better after aging five years as opposed to aging one year.
Thousands of grape varieties give an incredible varied array of wines. Grapes transfer to the wine the same characteristics of the soil and climate they absorbed while on the vine.
The history of beermaking is a story of invention, dedication and pride.
Definitions for food, drink and culinary terms from around the world, in alfabetical order.
There are not enoguh food description words to keep readers interested in what you are writing. We need to borrow words from other areas.
V culinary terms.