Culinary terms with D.

devour - eating verb - eat voraciously, with a great appetite and likely to excess.

diet - name - eating habits, eating plan, type of food one eats -eating verb - follow a meal plan, eat sparingly; restrict one's intake of food, watch one's weight, slim.

digest - verb - break down food to basic components that can be absorbed, usually by done by enzimes and chemical substances in the stomach. Alter food into a form that can be absorbed by body.

dig in - eating verb, informal.- begin eating / dig into - eating verb - thrust the knife or fork into the food.

dine - eating verb - eat dinner, eat a substantial meal.

dining room - room for eating, usually located not far from the kitchen. When there is more than one eating zone, the name dining room is applied to a room used for formal eating, while the everyday eating area is usually known as breakfast zone and it is in the kitchen, or breakfast room and it has direct access to the kitchen.

dispatch - eating verb - eat up quickly, finish off a meal quickly.

drain - verb - drink everything in the glass, empty the container of liquid.

drink - name - beverage, cocktail or mouthful, gulp - verb - consume a liquid, swallow a liquid, imbibe, sip.

Dutch oven - name, type of cooking pan - a Dutch oven is a large pot or kettle. It si usually made of heavy cast iron an it has a tight fitting that prevents steam from escaping. It is an ideal pan for moist cooking and Pennsylvania Dutch style stews and braises.

dumplings - Lumps of seasoned dough that are usually bolied or steamed and served in soups or stews.