Brussels endive and cream soup with wheat beer

A tasty soup straight from Brussels, the Belgian capital. This creamy, satisfying soup is made with pureed Belgian endives, potatoes, cream, and wheat beer.


4 endive (cored, cut into tiny slices)
3 T butter (softened)
1 onion (small, chopped in fine rings)
4 potato (peeled, cut into quarters)
3 T brown sugar (or a little more)
1 1⁄4 c beer (wheat beer)
4 c broth (chicken broth)
1 ds pepper
1 ds salt
1 ds nutmeg
1 c cream (heavy cream, double cream)


Melt butter in a pan with the onions stewing in it for a minute.

Add the endives, bouquet garni, potatoes and sugar, stewing everything for 15 minutes on a low heat.

Add the beer, stock, pepper salt and nutmeg, bring the liquid to the boil and let the soup simmer for an hour.

Remove the herbs, mix the soup with the cream and simmer for a further 5 minutes.

Serve warm.

Total time
1 hour, 55 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
4 servings


The soup can be served warm or cold.


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