Palak paneer

Palak paneer makes for the perfect meat free meal, or an equally great side dish for meat eaters. Serve warm with some naan or other Indian bread.


1 lb paneer
2 T ghee
1 lb spinach (fresh leaves or frozen)
1⁄2 c tomato (chunks)
1⁄4 c sour cream


  1. Heat a tablespoon (15 ml) of ghee in a skillet and fry the cubed panner until golden brown. Set aside.
  2. Add a little more ghee to the pan if neccesary, then add the spinach, cooking until it becomes a paste, about 5 minutes.
  3. Add the tomato and sour cream, continuing to cook for another five minutes.
  4. Add in the paneer and complete by cooking for an additional 5 minutes over medium heat. Stir occasionally.
Total time
20 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
4 servings


You can omit step 1 and cook paneer into the spinach, tomato and cream mix for 10 minutes in step 5.

Other vegetables and spices such as onion, garlic or ginger can be added.

Tomatoes can be fresh or canned. You can even take a shortcut and substitute spinach and cream with frozen creamed spinach.

One simple way to use paneer in a dish is by preparing palak paneer, a type of spinach curry. Find how.

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