Walnut ketchup

Goes with anchovy, cheese and deli meat sandwiches, cold meats, cheeses, cheese soufflé, steaks, boiled potatoes and pasta.


100 walnut (green walnuts)
1 lb onion
2 q vinegar
1⁄2 c salt
1 oz pepper (whole peppercorns)
1⁄2 oz allspice (whole berries)
1⁄2 t clove (whole, 3 or 4)
1⁄2 t nutmeg (ground or freshly grated)


  1. Skin and chop the onions. Boil all the ingredients together, except the walnuts.
  2. Wearing gloves to prevent staining your hands, cut up the walnuts, crush them, and put into a large pan or basin.
  3. Pour the boiling vinegar over them, and leave for 14 days, stirring daily.
  4. Strain off the liquid and simmer it in a pan for about an hour.
  5. Pour it into prepared bottles, leaving a headspace, and seal at once.
  6. Discard the crushed walnuts.
Total time
1 hour, 45 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
1 batch


North American cuisine

moderate, simmer
condiment, sauce, nuts
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