Aphrodisiac recipes

Aphrodisiac recipes should serve to enliven your Valentine's Day. However, what is the point of serving oysters if your loved one does not like them?

Aphrodisiac recipes for Valentine's Day

While aphrodisiacs are shrouded in myths, there is some scientific evidence that proves that some foods do have a euphoric effect on the human brain. But this is Valentine’s Day, no need to go into all that right now, besides there is nothing sexier than your loved one serving you breakfast in bed, or treating you like a Roman ruler at lunch, or even surprising you with a candlelight dinner.

Many of the foods deemed an aphrodisiac, are done so because of what they remind you of, asparagus, eggs, strawberries and snails are a few edibles considered love food. Not all of us love them. So when it comes to a romantic day, forget what some say is best served to help with a libido, instead fix your partner’s favorite foods. If pizza is his thing, serve it with a cold beer and a purr. If she loves fried chicken, don your best outfit or nothing at all, and serve it with a smile and kiss. A lover’s night is just that, and a home cooked meal, no matter what your culinary skills may be, is the surest way to have an enjoyable evening.

But if you are stuck and unsure of what to serve, or you are determined to use aphrodisiacs on your special day, may I suggest a breakfast, served in bed, of almond French toast, a picnic lunch of arugula and asparagus salad, or a dinner for two beginning with veal cutlets with spinach, served with angel hair pasta, and ending with zabaglione. All of these meals include a known aphrodisiac, but it is up to you to really get the evening going in that direction.