Food and wine from India.

Mughlai pulao

This meat Mughlai style is easy to prepare, although a moderate rating may be applied because of the long list of ingredients due to the variety in spices.

This is a fantastic way to know about Indian culture. Mix your own spices or, as an easier alternative to the separate spices, buy some garam masala pre-made.

Indian venerable vada

In a land with so many cultures living side by side, you would expect India's desserts to be equally varied. Even the venerated vada or vadai - a type of fritter or donut - shows this spread of ideas. Here is a type made from urad dal, a type of black lentil that mashes nicely into a dough.

Roti done right

Roti is a delicious bread that complementes your Indian cuisine. Roti is a flat bread. It is unleavened and not baked, but cooked on a tava - griddle - with oil. Want to make your own righteous roti? That is as easy as one, two, three. OK, maybe it will take a half-dozen or so steps. But they're all simple.

Indian rice dish

Bisi bele baath is a mixture of rice and lentils that forms the staple of many an Indian table. It is rich in traditional Indian spices and is simply delicious with tandoori chicken or all by itself.

As you would expect in such a diverse and ancient land, there are thousands of rice-based recipes. Nearly every family will have its own distinctive favorite. This recipe is an example that any diner will enjoy.

Garam masala

This recipe for garam masala is one of the many versions. Garam masala is nothing more that a mix of spices and every region, even every Indian household, may have their own mix.

Paneer kebabs

Paneer kebabs are always welcomed as this cheese-like neutral flavor goes well with everything. You can use chicken or lamb, or just stab some vegetable,as suggested in this recipe, and get ready for a delicious meal.