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A recipe with a picture 2009

Contestants were asked to send a recipe with a picture of the finished dish for their chance to win one of the prizes. We received great recipes and beautiful pictures. So much, that we will be wanting pictures with the recipes for the contests from now on.

The panel of judges was in a Mediterranean mood when they selected the winning recipes as both, the winning recipe and runner up, have an decided Mediterranean flavor.

Congratulations to both winners!

A recipe and a picture contest

Contestants sent their best recipes to All Foods Natural for the chance to win.

This contest was opened to all visitors. The winning recipes and pictures were published at All Foods Natural and Food Naturally newsletter.

This competition was live on the spring season, from 21 April 2009 to 21 Juen 2009, and entries were accepted from from 21 April 2009 to 1 June 2009. Apart from the book offered as a first prize, there was another offered as runner up.

The winners

The judges were clearly in a Mediterranean mood. The winning recipes for this recipe contest were mozzarella meat balls in vegetable sauce, from Vicky, as the recipe than conquered the panel, and eggplant Mediterranean bake, from Chris, as runner up. Both recipes are delicious.

Meet now Vicky, the winner, at the stove.

Q: Tell us about your background: Where and when did you learn to cook?
A: I have been cooking since I was 12 years old. I like cooking. I cook everyday. I learned to cook from various sources like TV, recipe books from friends and family.

Q: Which one is your favorite food? Which dish is the one you cook best?
A: Sweet and sour pork.
Q: Who does the cooking at home? Do you cook for one or two, or a family?
A: I do all the cooking at home for the who family.

Q: Which ones are your favorite recipes/dishes at home? Eating out?
A: Chinese and Thai seafood dishes are always my favorite. I like fresh steamed seabass with a bit of oil and soy sauce dressing.

Q: Please, share with us a typical menu you serve when you entertain friends.
A: Roast chicken with stuffing and bread and butter pudding.

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