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Spicy personality

Do you have a spicy personality? See what your favorite spices and condiments say about you.

Apparently, we all have one. Your choice of condiments reveals your personality, according to Dr. Allan Hirsch, from the Smell and Taste Research Foundation, author of the book “What Flavor Is Your Personality?”

There is no doubt smell has a strong influence in taste – it has been said only 10% of our taste experience is due to taste buds and we owe the remaining 90% to our smell receptors – and it can trigger emotions. We tend to like or dislike only those flavors that tickle our brain, the scents prompt both rational and emotional responses. Dr. Hirsch suggests in this book that there are basic reasons for preferences among aromas and tastes that connect to personality and behavior patterns.

See if your personality profile coincides with your flavor profile by choosing a favorite spice group.

Hot – cayenne, red pepper, curry and chili powder

People who prefer hot spices like to take charge, are not afraid to express their opinion and go for what they want.

Pungent – garlic, cloves, sage and saffron

People who like pungent condiments on their food are loyal friends and strong advocates for the causes they believe in.

Zesty – lemon peel, rosemary, tarragon, and thyme

People who like a little zest with their food are social, spirited, full of energy and fun to be around. They like people and people like them.

Comforting – parsley, paprika, cinnamon

People who have a preference for comforting spices are easygoing and considerate. They fit well no matter where they go.

Savory – onion salt, celery seed, pickling spice

These savory condiments are a must for creative people, the kind that avoids routine, trust their intuition and themselves; probably like traveling.

As probably don’t rely in a single condiment when you cook and usually add a few of then, you’ll find there is more than one flavor in your profile.

The book “What Flavor Is Your Personality?” has more quizzes relating flavors and personality. It is light, entertaining, and raises some curious theories. Although food cannot tell the whole story, it is a good way to start. It would also be interesting to see if adding a hint of your favorite spices to your surroundings – color and texture – makes you feel better.

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