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Garlic shrimp

Gambas al ajillo are very popular as tapas. The shrimp used for this recipe should not be excessively large. The kind of chili used for this in Spain is known as guindilla, a Spanish hot red chili of the thin and long varieties, usually dried.

Wine in Spain, the south

These robust, strong very sweet wines evolved into the three main varieties, sherry, Montilla and Malaga wines, that are still made in the region. The scorching Andalucian heat makes most grapes to over-ripen, but not in the cooler areas at higher altitudes. Some states are growing grapes and producing some impressive non fortified wines, both reds and whites, in the Andalucian heights.

Wine in Spain

Wine in Spain is ancient history, as Spain is the second oldest wine producing country in Western Europe. It also has the largest vine area of any country in the world, but many of them are in very dry and low producing areas so the Spanish wine output comes only in third place.

Zuppa jota

Far east of Verona is a town called Trieste. From this city hails a soup that shows how the cuisine of Italy has been influenced by other cultures. It uses sauerkraut!